Global Mail Relay Secure SMTP Mail Relay

Bulk & Transactional Email Delivery, SMTP Relay & More

Increasing delivery rates, eliminating sending issues and cutting costs for email delivery.

The Service

Global Mail Relay offers a secure, fast and reliable SMTP server for your outgoing emails. Send directly through your favorite email clients like Outlook, Apple Mail or any Smart Phone. Works with any ISP, hotel, airport or WI-FI network - even if they block port 25. Perfect for business travelers or those who send email from a variety of different networks.

Our Solution

Personal/Small Business Contact Us
From $4.95/month

Personal or small business users who are sending small volumes of email in person who wish to track their outgoing relays.

  • From 200 Relays / Day (up to 2000 emails / day)
  • Easy to setup, takes 60-seconds
  • Detailed Usage Statistics
  • Send email over a secure connection without matching reverse DNS
  • Send out on alternate outgoing ports to avoid any provider's restrictions.
  • Works with *all* smart phones, tablets, devices and computers
  • Super fast - 100% Guaranteed Uptime & Availability

Enterprise Contact Us
From $30/month

Reputable growing businesses who need basic insight into email delivery and a better way to send email with an application.

  • Enterprise-level delivery for high volume (bulk or single transactional)
  • High deliverability IP addresses (IPv4 & IPv6)
  • Email list validation & delivery solutions
  • Chock full of monitoring features including:
    • REST API
    • X-Headers
    • Postback URL's
    • Bounce Handling
    • Open & Click Tracking
  • Super fast - 100% Guaranteed Uptime & Availability

Why Global Mail Relay?
  • Never change your outgoing mail server settings again, no matter what network you are on!
  • Share account with multiple "From" & your own domain email addresses
  • Send email through any email program
  • All outgoing mail scanned for viruses
  • Blazing fast delivery of your outgoing email messages up to 60MB in size
  • Simple to Use, Administer and Setup
  • Administrative control for number of outgoing emails sent on a per-user basis
  • Use as a "smarthost" mail relay service for MS Exchange


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