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Creating cutting edge & highly scalable web, mobile and voip based applications.

Our Philosophy

At Safe Data Technologies, we bring our practical knowledge gained from years of experience working with companies in all the major industries and apply it to your projects.

We've been in this business for over 15 years and we've seen trends come and go, but good quality solutions never go out of style. You can count on us to be here for many decades to come and we'll be pushing the envelope and providing the best value for every dollar you spend with us.

Our Team

As a team of IT industry veterans, we recognized early that the Internet would be the next major playing field for corporations, small businesses, not-for-profit companies, and individuals. Since then, we've become a leader in web-based software and design, and we continue to raise the bar by partnering with each client to develop useful and usable custom software and unique designs to solve your immediate business problems.

Why Open Source Technologies?

As early adopters of the Open Source movement, Safe Data Technologies made a strategic decision to utilize open source software and technologies whenever possible.

We opted for this methodology for multiple reasons, which ultimately came down to the following:

  • Rapid development; we can often build solutions faster (which results in less cost) due to reusing existing solutions
  • Cutting edge; open source software evolves at a rapid pace and often meeting the needs quicker than commercial software
  • More secure; often open source software is more secure due to group involvement of development
  • Licensing and cost; we are more competitively priced due to not having to include, or minimizing use of commercial software and licensing
  • Developers; if you ever want to carry your project elsewhere, you can with ease of selecting new developers

Our Promise to You

When you engage with Safe Data Technologies, you get our promise of quality solutions built at a fair price.

  • We will never outsource overseas; you get quality product built by our team, in-house
  • We never take shortcuts; if it takes us longer to build the solution, its because we do it right
  • We never change your price;
... and we always deliver a quality product!


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